jQuery Related Selects Plugin

Note that in examples 1-6, the file that supplies the data pauses for 1 second so you can see the loading messages.

Example 1

The state select is pre-populated, and the rest will populate based on preceding values. Each select is configured with a custom loading message, and the default option text is set to "Choose an Option".

Example 2

The state and county selects are pre-populated and legitimate values are selected. Since the 'County' select already has a selected option, the 'Town' select automatically populates. Individual selects do not have any custom settings. No defaultOptionText override.

Example 3

The state select is populated, and the HTML structure of the other three are completely empty when the page loads.

Example 4

Basic, just two selects.

Example 5

Using the onChange, onLoadingStart & onLoadingEnd callbacks.

Example 6

Using the DisableIfEmpty option & the onEmptyResult callback.

Example 7

Retreiving data in HTML format instead of JSON. This option gives you more control of the options, like the ability to add optgroups. View the data file.